History Does Repeat Itself

For some reason our network news has deliberately kept Dr. Kermit Gosnell’s trial under wraps.  The Dr. was an abortionist, so since our network news stations are owned and operated by the most liberal, our news is bought and paid for and they will not stand for the truth to be told.  This is a real problem for someone fond of the truth.  Try to find stories about his atrocities anywhere but news.yahoo.com and good luck. 

Understand that these are the kinds of monsters that prevailed during the time of the Nazis.  The very kinds of perverted and evil crimes that we condemned at one time.   The time when a dictator told his people that he was making all kinds of big changes to make a better society for all. We all know that this was not the case and, funny, as much as they kept reminding us when I was young to never forget the holocaust or it will be repeated, it appears to be repeating with new players. We have our torture chambers and concentration camps for those that we don’t like or don’t trust. I always wondered just what kind of people those ignorant Germans had to be to allow these kinds of atrocities. I guess they were just working for a living and did not have the time or inclination to be put to death themselves for questioning the authority of the time. I think the time is now for questions, homeland security be damned!

The day when my country says this kind of evil is OK, is the day when this is no longer my country.

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