Paying It Forward

Today I paid it forward for the first time.  I say the first time because I liked it and I want to do it again, within reason.

I can’t really say why I did it or what needed to come together for me to finally just state, “I want to pay for these people’s order,” which was very small, just over $6.00.  Of course I am basically unemployed and about to lose my home, but still have a few dollars in the bank, so I really am po’.  But if I can afford to buy a couple of instant lottery tickets, I can afford to buy someone’s groceries, within reason.

I went up to the corner store to turn in my big lotto winnings of $5.00.  Kept $1.00 and asked for two more $2.00 tickets.  As I was purchasing them, there was a father with his young children that were placing things on the counter.  They did not speak English.  I don’t know if I was feeling overly emotional about what had just transpired the previous day in Boston, but I just had the urge to do it.  I felt so sorry for those boys uncle speaking to the news about the shame they brought.  I remembered a conversation that I had with a Middle Eastern gentleman, a customer, on the phone soon after 9/11.  He said that people were being very nasty towards him after the attacks, he being Muslim as well.  I recalled how my mother told me how some woman paid for her groceries a few days after my brother was almost murdered.  She didn’t know my mother, but this woman, heavy with child, told the cashier that she would pay for her groceries because she wanted to “pay it forward.”  She had no idea how this kindness would mean so much to my mother at this very dark time in her life. 

People should know, being people and all, that most of us are going through many trials and tribulations that we don’t want others to know about so they won’t feel sorry for us or treat us differently, but it would be nice if everyone thought of others more often, even if they can’t afford to pay for their groceries, maybe hold a door open, thank someone who is not expecting it or just see what you can do to make a difference for the better for someone. 

I couldn’t and wouldn’t begin to know what is in the mind of a killer of any kind.  Someone who wants to hurt others.  They must feel real bad about themselves but why?  We need to all be willing to kill each other’s inner demons with kindness.  Wouldn’t it be cool if someone was about to commit a deadly act and someone else diffused it with an act of kindness?  This is really how the world works, within reason.  Think about it.

History Does Repeat Itself

For some reason our network news has deliberately kept Dr. Kermit Gosnell’s trial under wraps.  The Dr. was an abortionist, so since our network news stations are owned and operated by the most liberal, our news is bought and paid for and they will not stand for the truth to be told.  This is a real problem for someone fond of the truth.  Try to find stories about his atrocities anywhere but and good luck. 

Understand that these are the kinds of monsters that prevailed during the time of the Nazis.  The very kinds of perverted and evil crimes that we condemned at one time.   The time when a dictator told his people that he was making all kinds of big changes to make a better society for all. We all know that this was not the case and, funny, as much as they kept reminding us when I was young to never forget the holocaust or it will be repeated, it appears to be repeating with new players. We have our torture chambers and concentration camps for those that we don’t like or don’t trust. I always wondered just what kind of people those ignorant Germans had to be to allow these kinds of atrocities. I guess they were just working for a living and did not have the time or inclination to be put to death themselves for questioning the authority of the time. I think the time is now for questions, homeland security be damned!

The day when my country says this kind of evil is OK, is the day when this is no longer my country.

Evil Control, Not Gun Control

This is not to say we don’t need to check people properly that are buying guns, but anyone in their right mind knows that this increased violence we are having has nothing to do with current gun laws and everything to do with where these people are getting these violent and evil ideas from.  It has to do with the amount of frustration, anger and lack of faith we have in our society.

As usual leaders, you miss the point completely to what is causing this. The way you are so quick to jump to gun control lets me know that you don’t know what is really going on and how to resolve these issues correctly. Therefore you are not competent at your jobs but I am sure that you have no plans to step down. The problem in this country is evil and mental illness. It is lack of proper guidance for so many growing up and the act of programming impressionable, young and already angry young men with violence found in movies, television and video games, yet I hear nothing about censorship to the very thing that gives people the ideas and instructions on how to carry out these random acts of violence.  There are just too many unloved and unsupervised children growing up in America.  This is a problem in itself.  It becomes much worse if the babysitter, usually the TV, is a psycho. 

You know from the idiot that shot up the movie theatre, he was imitating what was in the movie.  It was acknowledged and discussed publicly and yet at no time was it ever suggested that we hold these people responsible for encouraging this kind of behavior.  Even dysfunctional homes had guns many years ago and you never heard of this kind of evil.  Most of our programming was bland with “Leave it to Beaver” type families.  Now almost every drama on TV has murders.  Even popular sitcoms make jokes about killing the homeless to get laid and other inappropriate comments that are not in the least funny.  So much have graphic violence that either disgusts or incites the people watching it. If it doesn’t make you sick, you must like it. This is a problem. We cannot allow humans to become desensitized like this or we will continue to have the kind of violence we see daily. Stop the hypocrisy now Mr. President, before it becomes obvious by more violent acts that gun control is not the way to stop it.

We The Sheeple Need to Topple the Steeple

This is not just a reference to the church, but to all establishment we are to bow to. 

Welcome to the future of employment in America. They are trying to get rid of all unions and businesses will work people to death for low wages. We need to demand that we be allowed to live in America again. To homestead, raise our own crops, work the land and stop being victimized by large corporations and banks. This is truly the beginning of the end for American citizens. Life has no purpose anymore.  All we are is chattel who are forced to sell our lives cheaply to make others rich and then be put upon as ultimate consumers and brainwashed into handing over our hard-earned pennies to others for things that we really don’t need or want.  What’s up with that?

No wonder everyone is losing it, depressed, drunk and disorderly. They are fed up with being worked to death for peanuts and being told every move to make both on the job and when they try to drive home. Everything needs a permit, someones permission. When will all of us get to be treated like adults? When we take our freedom back anyway we have to. When we try, we are arrested. That is not freedom.  But try we will because man has no choice when others force their hands.

No Brag, Just Fact

The other day I recalled a conversation I had with my grandmother many years ago.  Wasn’t long or memorable, so I think this is why I didn’t really give it much thought until recently.

My entire life I have always done the right thing.  Since I was young, I have worked hard, played fair, never tried to get something for nothing, always reacted to others good fortune with happiness.  I was decent, honorable and helped people out when I could.  Most of my family was not like this, to put it kindly, and I noticed this. 

I asked my grandmother why she thought I was so different from my siblings, not trying to hint that there may have been a mix up in the hospital, though none of us look that much alike.  My grandmother simply said that she had no idea why people are the way they are.  Why siblings raised pretty much the same way could be as different as Cain and Abel.  That was it.  No thinking or trying to figure things out.  She had no idea and neither do I to this day.  I still don’t know why we are so different and that I have never had much contact with them due to some of their life choices and behaviors that I cannot understand and do not agree with.  They appear to take after our mother who always loved drama and even though she was not a dishonest person, she loves gossip and nick named me goodie-two-shoes which she meant as a put-down, but I took as a compliment. 

I tried not to judge them harshly my entire life, but surprisingly, it grows harder to do this the older I get.  Soon after I hit menopause, I began to feel more angry and irritated about things that previously did not bother me.  I think that’s where the term “old biddies” comes from.  I now know why the Bible states not to be yoked with non-believers.  They will only bring you down literally or figuratively and after a while it gets real old!  After a while you start thinking, who do certain people think they are, why do they think they don’t need to follow rules and that the world owes them a living?!

Something I was thinking about and praising God that I obviously knew I was His child from the beginning.  This does not mean I am perfect by a long shot, but my heart is a pure heart and that is me.  I know that now and no matter how hard my life has been I thank God for always being there for me and thank Him for Jesus to guide us and ultimately save our souls!  I don’t know why I have such a grateful heart and why others with more blessing than I, do not.  This is what leads some to self-destruct.  They don’t appreciate what they have and end up losing it.