The Continuing Saga of Kwame Kilpatrick

The Verdict came in today with twenty-four convictions against the former Mayor of Detroit out of the thirty counts or charges.  Another day of shame for Detroit and even more shameful for anyone associated with the man. 

I met Kwame years ago when, as the mayor, he stopped by for a speaking engagement in our Detroit office.  I was very impressed by his charisma and charm and this man truly appeared larger than life in person.  It helps me to understand why so many people went along with him.  It is so sad to see an intelligent person with so much potential get overrun by his own ego and poor judgement.  Did he always have mal intent upon taking office?  I know he liked to play the system from the start by the way he used funds illegally for his family upon taking office.  There was always some kind of impropriety going on.  People that feel destined to greatness often have egos that are completely overblown, causing them to use poor judgement and think they are entitled to whatever it is they want for the moment. 

This is the reason man lives by laws.  They simply cannot curb their ego and some will stop at nothing to get what they want.  Those are dangerous people.  The people that never learned the word “no.”  Kwame’s story is proof positive that you can’t always live your dream, especially when it is not realistic or fair to others and especially when it hurts the ones you are supposed to love. 

God bless and keep his children and I pray that they learn from their father’s mistakes.

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