You Cannot Get Blood From a Stone

The simple laws of physics apply here.  Everyone cannot stand with their hand out in our society.  You cannot expect to keep draining the average Joe of money.  No matter how much money you have, it will run out sooner or later.  Charities, rent, mortgage payments, taxes, insurances, various utilities, car payments, gas, food, fines and assessments and various miscellaneous expenses, give us a break! 

On top of it, our society depends on everyone over indulging and in fact encourages it.  This makes for great consumerism as well as feeds into the diet industries, the medical world with the various maladies that come with overeating, drinking and over doing.  They have non-stop cooking shows and commercials with all kinds of tempting food and then the world glares at anyone that falls for it.

Sometimes I wonder what would happen to our economy if we all really started trying to live organically, stopped using chemicals and making our own clothes, cut each others hair, doing it all ourselves.  Our economy would collapse.  You think there is unemployment now?  That’s another reason that the governments interfere as they do and insists on licensed people doing specific things.  It is not as much for safety, but to receive income from the public in fees and the taxes that must be reported from the professionals.  What a racket!

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