The Right to be Stupid

yankeedoodlecarolBlissfully ignorant, is this really the preferred way to be?  Statistics show that the majority of the world’s population does not have a very high IQ (intelligence quotient).  I believe most are actually considered either below average or low average.  When you take into consideration how many of those with normal or maybe higher IQ’s are regular substance abusers which adversely effects intellect, I’m sure they will find themselves in the below normal group as well.  This makes for a scant amount of actually intelligent people on this planet.  This explains a lot.

This post piggybacks on my previous post “Will it Help The American Economy if There Were More Poor?”  When the Right to Work bill is signed into law by any state, it opens the door to slavery.  Slavery with a new look, much like our new working poor.  Please, the ones in control are not stupid enough to start using whips and obvious overseers, but you all know they have kept a similar technique for the working poor throughout our history.  Don’t blame Obama who wants to welcome all the illegals with open arms that have taken many of our menial jobs already.  By him doing this, the government will finally have an accurate count of exactly how many people are in this country illegally.  I’m sure the number will be staggering.  You do need to worry that there is no “good” party that is for the average American citizen.  The Democrats throw crumbs in the hopes to appease and the Republicans are hopeless elitists that think they are better.  This is not the basis for a country with any staying power.

Anyone that works and is in favor for “Right to Work” is hopelessly ignorant or in denial.  This will never benefit any employee.  Anyone with the ability to reason knows that no one with a choice will choose to allow yet another deduction (for union dues) from their measly paycheck.  These people will think they have one over on all the poor saps that keep paying their dues and get to enjoy the fruits of others labors in the respect of the decent pay that union bargaining has created.  What they don’t stop to realize is that most of those other “poor saps” that are paying will stop paying because the don’t wish to be saps and the unions will quietly go away.  The fools in office, much like the fools that cause this to happen, will say “see no one really needs or wants you here, taking money and making political ploys.”  Then once they are gone, the company will have to deliver the bad news to all of its saps, I mean employees, that due to new expenses, everyone has to take a 10-20% pay cut and I’m sure this will happen annually.  If not, they will start laying people off.  Of course the first to go are the very ones that created the non-union condition in the first place.  The ones that were so thrilled not to have to pay those union dues.

You Cannot Get Blood From a Stone

The simple laws of physics apply here.  Everyone cannot stand with their hand out in our society.  You cannot expect to keep draining the average Joe of money.  No matter how much money you have, it will run out sooner or later.  Charities, rent, mortgage payments, taxes, insurances, various utilities, car payments, gas, food, fines and assessments and various miscellaneous expenses, give us a break! 

On top of it, our society depends on everyone over indulging and in fact encourages it.  This makes for great consumerism as well as feeds into the diet industries, the medical world with the various maladies that come with overeating, drinking and over doing.  They have non-stop cooking shows and commercials with all kinds of tempting food and then the world glares at anyone that falls for it.

Sometimes I wonder what would happen to our economy if we all really started trying to live organically, stopped using chemicals and making our own clothes, cut each others hair, doing it all ourselves.  Our economy would collapse.  You think there is unemployment now?  That’s another reason that the governments interfere as they do and insists on licensed people doing specific things.  It is not as much for safety, but to receive income from the public in fees and the taxes that must be reported from the professionals.  What a racket!

The Average Cycle of a Great Civilization

This was from an article I saved from one of Ann Landers columns years ago.  It was sent in by a retired US Army General, William W Quinn.  He had stated it was something he had found years ago and was not sure who the author was but wanted to send it in view of the recent epidemic of immorality and wondered where the readers would asses America’s current position in this cycle.

The article went on to state that the world’s great civilizations averaged a cycle of 200 years.  Those societies progressed through this sequence:

From bondage to spiritual faith.

From spiritual faith to great courage.

From great courage to liberty.

From liberty to abundance.

From abundance to selfishness.

From selfishness to complacency.

From complacency to apathy.

From apathy to dependency.

From dependency back again into bondage.

Where do you think America is in this cycle?  Feel free to comment.

Lack of Faith

I posted this on  I made this up many years ago, even before all the mass shootings after I heard the “guns don’t kill people, people kill people.”  I knew that wasn’t accurate either.  People don’t kill like this.  Monsters, Neanderthals, people with low frustration and high anger, huge egos and people that have given their minds to whatever drug du jour or alcohol.  Whenever you are in any kind of mental state that you are not authentically you, you better worry who you are.  Most accidents, fights and murders occur when someone is out of it.  I think what people need to take is something to make them more real.  What’s cool about that is it’s free and happens when you shut everything off, get on your knees and begin praying for guidance.  When you think something through before acting on it, no matter what it is.  When you weigh the consequences of whatever your plan is and why you made the plan.  One thing that is very important to remember is you know your feelings change constantly, you know you probably won’t be feeling like you feel an hour from now, but oh how it is human nature to want to pounce when anger rears that stupid, lofty head.  That is usually the last thing you want to do, unless you are stuck in a position of defending your or your loved one’s life.

Sometimes I think we get so used to doing what we feel like doing that we actually forget that all it takes is that one bad decision, acting on that one impulse from which we will never return.



The Truth of Man’s Evil or Who Slaps a Crying Child?

I am finally starting to get it.  The older I get, the more I study history and the reactions of the masses and see a pattern of unending hatred.  There will always be excuses for why groups of people have their wrong beliefs and all of the people with wrong beliefs tend to run in packs, much like their very ancient forefathers.  They feel a strength by having others on their side, even if they know deep in their hearts their side is wrong. 

I see how people love to label.  It makes things much easier.  “Oh, he’s this, so that’s why he did that” and so on.  Sometimes an asshole is just an asshole, but sometimes they only appear to be one depending on the viewers point of view and experience in life.  I have seen many that hate truly lovely, great people and others that love disgusting creeps.  I have found that the creeps tend to have more followers than anyone who speaks the truth.  I have also found that most creeps love to find misguided bravery in an artificial substance.  Bravery that clouds the mind and judgement is not bravery, it is stupidity. 

Much like the quote I love from Martin L King Jr of: “I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality.  That is why right, temporarily defeated, is stronger than evil triumphant.”  Most probably don’t have the capacity to get the goosebumps I had when I first heard it.  It is one of the most profoundly true statements spoken and yet most with ears cannot or will not hear.  They will just continue on happy for the excuse to think they are better than others and finding excuses for behaving badly.

Jumping to Conclusions, Lying or Just an Average News Day?

Have you ever read an article or heard a news report that you found hard to wrap your head around?  The kind where little or conflicting information is reported.  The conclusion is loosely explained and there was not enough information as to how this conclusion was reached.  Even before I had personal experiences of people I know making news and the way their stories were incorrectly reported, I used to wonder just how accurate our news was.  I wondered where the facts actually came from.  Is the story being deliberately slanted?  Where exactly did the details come from, eye witnesses, relatives, victims, the police on the scene?  Are the facts correct or summations of trying to put two and two together without real knowledge of what actually occurred.  Like in cases of accidents, suicide or murder sometimes these cases can be difficult to determine.  Depending on who is interviewed, whether they know the difference between the truth and fiction or even wish to tell the truth, you will only know what others think happened or want you to know.  The story is only as accurate as the investigation and the facts found, as long as everyone agrees they want the truth known.   

I have read the book “Bias” by Bernard Goldberg an ex-CBS reporter.  In it he reports his experiences on how the networks decide to present various stories in ways that distort the facts and don’t tell a complete or accurate story.  Not lies, mind you, but the truth according to them and how they want certain others to look.  They know how to get sympathy for some and paint others as villains, instead of just stating fact and allowing everyone to come to their own conclusions.  Some stories are very obvious lately.  It’s pretty obvious to me that most network reporters hate conservatives, which in a way disturbs me because they are more level-headed or logical about things.  We won’t go into the many reasons why the conservatives also despise liberals, who are now in charge of most, if not all, of our networks.  I am amazed at the way they manage to put a good spin on bad things and a bad spin on that which is good and morally right.  I know that Liberals are in favor of most things that make the average citizen cringe, but the spin is to make you think that there is something wrong with you because you are normal.  And normal is bad why again?  Because you are not open-minded enough to consider how others wish to behave and expect them to think and act like everyone else.  In my opinion, most civilized societies have to operate this way to survive.

I actually started this post because of an article I read this morning that stated “Looters Steal $200K in Coins After Hoarder’s Death.”  It went on to state that there had been numerous people going onto a property, stealing coins and selling them.  When it was finally investigated they found the resident “crushed to death” months before.  They in no way mentioned that they felt any of the thieves were responsible for the man’s death.  The victim was painted as a weird, hated loner so I’m wondering that since no one seemed to care that he died at all, apparently they are not investigating this as a crime scene except for the stolen items.  No mention if they thought it was somehow an accident or if foul play crossed their minds while it danced across mine.  These types of articles are beginning to be the rule instead of the exception.  I would really appreciate well documented, factual based news by reporters that actually get to the heart of their stories.