More Important Things to Think About

  1. We are animals.  View the animal kingdom to see life without value.  There are some animals that appear to have more respect for one another than humans and even mate for life.

  2. We need the wisdom of those that have gone before us.  Wise cultures teach respect, self-control and self-discipline.  They know how to make sacrifices and their children learn by example.

  3. To look at America’s media culture and mores, we are disgusting, even worse than the Roman empire before its fall.  Most media commentators are very detached and eloquent when discussing the grossest of events. 

  4. Civility is based on cultural mores, wisdom, knowledge and self-control.  It’s that darned self-control that is just not being taught or learned anymore.

  5. Animals and barbarians act on instinct and impulse.

  6. Just because you have the urge to do something, does not mean you were “born that way” or that you should even act upon it. 

  7. We are out of control and just hanging on by a thread as a country and civilization.  God’s people are the only ones that are holding this world together. 

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