World Slavery is Coming to a Head

Servitude is a choice, slavery is not.  Many of the world’s poor, the common man, were merely slaves that got to pick their own masters, though in a bad economy there is little choice.  If they are wealthy enough or care to go into debt, they may pay for degrees and certifications that make it possible to be paid more than those without certification, but they are slaves none the less.  Our world economy is based on man needing possessions.  It was slowing tweaked to prevent most men from ever really owning their own homes or land to work and survive.  It has been deliberately shaped into an all-encompassing, take everything from everyone.  You are no longer allowed to make your own living, not really.  There are too many hands outstretched demanding their cut, and it is not just the governments, who are usually the last paid anyway.

I am disgusted the way everyone has been pigeonholed into submission by endless rules and regulations making it impossible for anyone to be free.  This has to stop.  This is America, or have they really sold this country down the river or across the ocean.  I remember seeing some YouTube video that Americans were all owned somehow by our social security numbers.  That those numbers were somehow traded on the stock exchange or some fool notion.  Whether true or not, still a fool notion.  Most people in positions of power, get carried away with themselves and don’t use good judgement because their ego gets in the way.  Egomania propels these freaks to want to run the world and is the same disorder that makes rational and reasonable thought impossible.  They appear unable to consider the long-term ramifications of their decisions and actions as it effects the country and it’s people.  Hence the country will end up in the toilet sooner or later bringing yet another revolution and yet another soon to come bad government because only men with big egos and money, of course, will run to run it back into the ground.  The ones that would have been beating their hairy chests, screaming and beating everyone down in the time of Neanderthals.

When the news broke of the deadly fire in a factory in Bangladesh, it reminded me of the ignored stories of so many of their farmers committing suicide the last number of years because of their endless economic struggles all due to big businesses who will at this time remain nameless.  Of course, all the American companies involved in this sweat shop rushed to try to “save their brand, ” people be darned.  They can deny it, but it is these kinds of greedy companies that have destroyed the world’s economy and many people’s lives trying to increase profits, not save money.  There is a difference between trying to stay in business and making wrong decision out of desperation, and just being disgustingly greedy by the common practice of trying to improve profits each year.  All banks and big businesses run this way and have for many years.  That’s what’s wrong with our economy.  The American government caved to the greedy banks and large corporations in an attempt to get even more money  from other countries with various trade agreements that sold America out.  Our American government is as much to blame as the companies involved in these poor people’s death because they encouraged this by their trade agreements with little regard on how their Wall Street trading profits effect the common man around the world.  We cannot sit idly by while the wealthy control and systematically destroy our planet and all living things on it, including man.

I can definitely feel it coming in the air.  Maybe not tonight, but soon.

Motherly Love or Lack Thereof

The other day I was thinking about how so many children are not being raised properly anymore.  Some are unrealistically spoiled and coddled.  Some have manic mothers forcing them to be busy all the time, joining all kinds of activities trying to achieve what they feel they missed in life through their children.  Some don’t have any motherly influence, even though they do live with them, and look to the TV for a familiar face.  The mothers are gone most of the time working sometimes through no fault of their own.  Others want to have a higher standard of living.  They want to be the first one there and last one to leave because they care and because they know if they don’t they may be passed over for a promotion or that unpleasant boss will find yet another reason to give a negative recordation in their review.

Raising a child is one of the most important responsibilities that any woman will ever have.  Way more important then any job, even that of the president of any country.  Women are responsible for not only bringing lives into the world, but how these little people are molded and formed as human beings.  How they are prepared to fit into society and thrive, not just survive.  The worst thing you can do to a child is abuse or neglect them and then expect them to be a success in their life.  Women do this for a number of reasons.  They are alone, struggling and angry and the child is the closest one to them.  These are the children with no fathers or family support or even ones that once had a father who later walks out because he was without substance. The mom is immature and again angry at her life choices, angry that she cannot provide for this very loud and needy little person who cannot defend itself.  There are mothers that are mentally ill or substance abusers and therefore are not able to make good or safe choices for any child.    Then I think about the aborted ones and wonder why.

I started wondering what children think about “pro-choice.”  We adults talk about pro-life and pro-choice, which translated to the truth is pro-life and pro-death.  These are the choices so don’t sugar coat reality and don’t lie about the truth.  That is another blog, but I wondered what the children think.  Children see and hear a lot more than they let on and I was wondering what their take was.  To me this a form of age discrimination and I think that baby had poor representation during Roe v Wade but exactly what does pro-choice look like to children?  What does it say to children about what some mothers think of them?  They need to be aware that sometimes there is no choice in the matter between saving the baby or the mother.  Some mothers would want the baby saved before themselves and some women would save themselves and need to.  Children should have things explained to them fully if they ask.  No woman should ever be forced to carry and nurture a baby if someone attacked them and no child should ever have to carry another child in their womb because someone molested them.  That being said, I am not in favor of abortion as birth control.

Women have the power and need to know this.  They need to stay out of harms way as much as possible and not trust the untrustworthy, stay sober and need to respect themselves as well as any future children by giving them a good chance in life.  Making sure they use good birth control, even if it’s saying no, unless that man marries them and they know they have a decent, trustworthy father for their children.  Women need to know who they are first, and know that they are not who some abusive and neglectful parent told them they were or weren’t.  They are a child of God and deserve a good life with a man who will love them forever, unconditionally.  Not waste any time with some horny for the moment, can’t keep a job or stay straight boy who is only around for one thing.  I still remember the sickening insincere smiling faces of the charmers hanging around hoping for a freebie from me or any girl.  Lust is not love, it is the farthest thing from it but it clouds the senses to further the species.  Young men who treat women like this are beyond disrespectful but we are animals.  We are supposed to be civilized and know the difference between lust and love and be able to reason out our future plans, not just act on every impulse we have.  God help us as a people if we all did that.  All children deserve to be wanted whether they were planned for or not.  It’s called doing the right thing, not doing things because they are easy or fun for us like all the “living your bliss” folks would have you believe.  Every act of kindness is usually an act of sacrifice from someone with love in their hearts.  Mothers, love your children.

Important Things to Think About Two

  1. You only live once.  You cannot change the past but you can do something about the future if you believe that you can.

  2. For the most part, there is nothing that most people cannot do if they put their mind to it.

  3. We now live in a falsely polite and controlled society where our controllers, the media, the government and various self-proclaimed experts tell us what to do.  Exactly how we should think, react and feel about everything.

  4. I really believe that most people no longer know how to be genuine to their gut feelings and that is part of the plan.  Either that or the people in charge really are not very bright.

  5. People usually feel what they feel for a reason.  Feelings come naturally and cannot constantly be denied because, if you are mentally healthy, they are trying to tell something.

  6. There’s a difference between being “politically correct” and using tact and diplomacy but still being true to yourself when dealing with others.  Blind political correctness leads to anger and frustration.  Genuinely caring about another’s feelings before speaking does not, even if you do not agree with them.

  7. Children are supposed to be taught self-control as they are growing up so that they may fit in to a civilized society.  This is part of the maturation process. Civility does not come naturally.

  8. Since the beginning of civilizations, people were taught how to police themselves by being taught specific moral values.  They did not need men with guns controlling them in their own society.  The only men with guns most knew were their enemies.

  9. Think of others besides yourself in all aspects of your life.

  10. Most of man’s problems come when they lose their connection to God, the creator and author of all life on the planet.

Important Things to Think About

  1. Who are you who do not pray for the strength that God will give you?

  2. Who are you that do not love yourselves?

  3. Your children are an extension of your hopes and your frailties.

  4. If you do not show them mercy, then you have no mercy for yourself.

  5. This is why the spiritual fact is the way you treat others is the way you perceive and show your own worth to the world.

  6. This is why as you show mercy, so shall you be shown mercy and at the very least your bad behavior shows how you feel about yourself.

  7. At the worst, it can cause you to become uncivilized, even worse than an animal, a monster.

  8. Forgive yourself for being human, for being less than perfect.

  9. Forgive those that made you feel bad or small because they expected something from you that was not humanly possible.  The ones that expected from you what they themselves were lacking simply because it is not possible to be perfect.

  10. Rid yourself of the delusion that life is a contest or a test.  Life is life and is to be lived in the moment at the pace you were created to live it.

More important things to think about later.