The Least of My Brethren

There seems to be a strong and common belief that a man is only a man if he has riches and high station in life.  This is wrong.  It was explained as wrong over 2000 years ago.  We have been teaching right from wrong to anyone who will listen for as many years.  Ever since Christ was murdered by the mindless mob.

Last week there were stories circulating about some celebrity’s wedding and how some thoughtless, compassionless loser thought it cute to film homeless people wishing these wealthy celebrities well on their marriage.  Now whether this was done because they were allowing fans, whoever they may be, to say congratulations, I don’t know and really don’t care.  They know why they did it.  So does God.  People seem to have this illusion that if they don’t believe something, it doesn’t exist or won’t happen to them like going to hell and stuff like that.  You actually bring that with you when you leave.  You will never escape you, so you kinda want to get it right while you are still here.

There have been numerous sitcoms lately where the writers have shown just what little regard they have for others.  Just how thick-skinned and thick-headed they are.  Jokes about “killing a homeless man to get laid” are simply not funny.  The only people who would enjoy that humor may actually pull a stunt like that or be encouraged to by this kind of rhetoric because who would actually make a suggestion such as this in a culture where some evil, demented people actually do these kinds of things?  First you have to believe that you are actually better than someone else.  You may make better choices, etc, but this does not make you better.

Jesus was very clear about whatever is done to the least of the brethren is done to Him.  Whatever you do to others, you do to yourself.  When you hate others and hurt others you show the world just how much you hate yourself.  Why?  What or who ever told you that you were not worth loving?  Why do you think that other’s don’t have the same needs as you do?  Why do you not try to understand that most people are just doing the best that they can in the world and they need help, not hindrance?  Jesus taught people to do unto others as they would wish to have done to themselves.  This is not a hard concept.  There is not a man alive who does not need love, so therefore needs to give it.  What you give to the world and others is what you will have in return.  Sure there are the evil that if their son asked for a fish they would give him a stone.  Thank God but for the teachings of Christ, these people are few and far between.  This is rapidly changing since the people in charge of everything go further away from the teachings of the one who was born to save the world.  There is nothing funny about Jesus or anything He ever said.  Anyone who thinks he can find fault with His words, good luck!  There have been many who take His words and teachings and try to pretend they are their own so they can sell their motivational books or to start their own religion, such as scientology, but accept no substitutions when it comes to the Word.

Many people think they are smart when they bully or make fun of others, but they are really more upset than most.  Some do become very angry and upset when someone strikes a chord in their very heart and soul, stirs their compassion and instead of crying for that person they would rather tease or attack simply because they don’t know how to deal with it.  It’s OK to feel bad or even angry at those we think are lazy or stupid, but it is not OK to make fun of them or hurt them.  Many of the homeless cannot or will not take people’s help when offered.  That is their choice.  Most of the homeless are the mentally ill and our society no longer takes care of them.  Our society would rather have some on reality shows that allow the audience to jeer and scream at their antics, much like the medieval lords and ladys did years ago to the village idiots they enjoyed laughing at.  I will never understand why some human beings are so evolved and others behave worse than trained chimps.  I have seen dogs with more compassion than some people I know.  You decide if you wish to be thought of as someone’s hero or just another thorn in their side.

Musings of Autumn And The Trees of Life

This morning I was brought to tears by trying to imagine what it felt like to be a tree.  A northern tree of course.  Not a tree about to be destroyed by some land developer, but just your average garden variety tree, pun intended.

It began when I started reading the weather report and thinking about the grand design of God, or nature as some believe, that keeps this world turning.  I was thinking about how wonderful it is that when the leaves are to fall off before the impending ice and snow come, there is always a lot of wind to help loosen those leaves from their little sockets.  Then I started thinking how the life of these trees cycle about the same way year after year, much like most of the life on this planet.

Do the trees have any sensation of temperature changes?  They obviously do have something inside them that responds to it.  I started wondering if they knew it was time to lose the leaves that they so painstakingly developed through the spring and summer.  I wondered if they felt a sense of loss of those leaves that were once a part of them or if they go through the changes completely unaware.  I thought about how it must feel once those leaves have all dropped and to have to withstand months of chilling cold, wind and ice.  Do they look forward to the spring somewhere in the recesses of their very pith?  I thought about how humans bemoan things in their lives, many of them avoidable or brought on by themselves.  Then I thought of the trees who are root bound, literally, in the same area of the same life year after year because that is their lot.  That is the way they were created.  To be shade and protection for the earth and for the other living creatures of the earth.  To give of themselves to be a home or a boat or a shelving unit in someone’s home.  Not to have any say in their existence, but to be at the mercy of other living creatures that are supposed to be able to know more and feel more than they supposedly do.

I wonder what we would think if we found out that trees really do have their own minds, in their own way.  I don’t think that most would care anymore then they now care about one another.

I began to wonder things like this at an early age because I was taught by certain family members to imagine what it felt like to be another person and I sometimes carry this to an extreme.  I was taught this so that I could learn compassion and empathy, something most of the world sorely lacks.  They lack this because they are not being taught correctly.  They are not being raised in the Word.  If I ever wanted to be mean or not like someone, I would think back to what I was asked when I was young and I was behaving in a selfish manner.  “What if that person was you?”  “Would you want someone to do this to you?”  Not if it’s cruel or negative in any way.  There is no one who likes to be hurt, likes to be lied to, likes to be mistreated in any way yet look at how many people do these things to others.  Why?  Life is hard enough and we are here to help one another, not be a hinderance.  Not see what we can get from someone and never give back in return.  We all relate to one another, all life does and you cannot have one-sided relationships of any kind that last.