Whatever Does Not Kill You Makes You Stronger And More Nonsense

Yeah so looking for a job for about eight months and finally found one that lasted 3 training weeks.  I received a call at approximately 8:00pm last evening from the agency that I was working through stating that the company had decided to terminate my contract after today.  I worked until 6:30 that evening.  I was shocked and taken aback, since I am still being trained and other than being a little slower than my co-trainees and about 10 years or more their senior, I did not have any problems acclimating to my surroundings and the personalities of the two people who coached me, or so I thought.  That being said, I did need to take 1/2 day off on the previous Thursday for a very important Dr Appointment for an injury I received over the weekend.  This was something that I told them about in advance and they stated they were OK with it, but maybe not.  This also explains why my badge did not work when I came back from lunch to get back in the building.  The girl at the front desk gave me a number to call but no one was available and my manager was silent when I told her I was having trouble with my badge working.

I asked her what the reason was that I was being terminated when I had not even finished training, was following all procedures and doing quite well, I thought.  I was told that they did not have to give me a reason.  When you are terminated from a job where you got along with everyone, following procedures, etc, I told my contract agent that the only option that leaves to me is discrimination of some kind.  Either for something personal and petty or something serious such as working too slow and being too old.  I would not have minded, but now I will have to find out how this effects the emergency unemployment I was receiving that had ended.  So now, no income of any kind.  No wonder they wanted me to mail by badge and key to them.  Some people might be very hot-headed about this kind of thing.  I seriously believe everything happens for a reason, whether or not the reason is apparent for the time being.

This is an extremely busy call center and I understand that they want the fastest and best for their company, that is their prerogative who they choose to employ.  This is my second experience of being terminated.  My first time I was 19 or 20 years old, accused of spreading rumors that I had never heard of, very trumped-up total lies were used to get rid of me and some others for asking questions of why certain things were being done or not being done for some of the patients.  Nobody likes boat rockers.  Some others he fired at the same time sued for their jobs back and won, but quit soon afterwards.  In that instance, the guy that fired me was a real creep that ended up in prison for years for business fraud.  Talk about retribution!  He did some very underhanded things and was a very cruel man.  He punched out the camera man trying to film the story they were running about him!

I am intelligent and conscientious and good at whatever job I have been hired at.  Within a short time I am training new hires myself.  I told the agent, “Oh well, God’s will be done.”  What can I say in this?  I can’t defend myself, I don’t know the enemy and if they don’t have to say why they choose to let an employee go, they have the option to be as petty and unfair as they wish to be, though I am choosing to believe that I wasn’t what they needed to get the job done for that company.  I will keep trying to find a business or company that would appreciate my contribution and great work ethics.

So, needless to say, did not get much sleep last night, but hope to make up for it tonight.  I don’t drink, but last night would have been a perfect night to get loaded, lol!  This too shall pass, what ever does not kill you makes you stronger, stand a little taller and other such sayings to make me feel better and to make anyone else feel better that has walked in my shoes.

To show the goodness of God working in my life.  One of my neighbors left some plants for me to transplant in my yard by my porch when I left for work that morning and when I came home approximately 7:00 pm, I had some phone messages.  One from my sister who was thrilled and thanking me for the cute picture I had framed up for her of some of the family when they were young and another from my neighbor to come over for treats she had made with love.  I came back home from visiting with her to find the message to call my agency regarding my termination.  So God is good and cushioned the fall with loved ones helping me and caring so I know that this is God’s will for me.  It probably would have been a bad fit.

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