What’s Really Ailing Detroit

Woke this morning to reports from Detroit about their police officers now working 12 hour shifts with pay cuts to “help the city.” Right there, wrong.

The fact that so many Federal, State and local governments are now balancing their budgets on the working man’s back is not acceptable. Anyone who thinks about this can see that none of our financial problems are the fault of the citizens and as such should not and cannot be solved by them. They are all the fault of the people in charge and running the various governmental agencies in these areas. They are the fault of their bad decisions and bookkeeping. They are the fault of their incompetence or downright corruption. If you worked for Kmart and your boss told you that you had to work mandatory overtime with no overtime pay and take a pay cut to boot because he made a bad financial decision that caused him to basically ruin his own company, would you do it? Some might depending on how badly they needed the work, any work, and how well the boss made his case. Would you do it because he was running low on cash trying to support his mistress and their love child as well as his family and he wasn’t able to buy that third home the wife was wanting?

I have grown more disgusted with Detroit Mayor Bing these days. He is doing anything to try and stop the appointment of an Emergency Manager for the City. Again, right there, wrong. Since when does one figurehead of a state or city have the ability to supersede the rights of the voters to elect who they want to represent them in offices in America? If the person or people in an office are incompetent or criminal, you have them investigated, relieved of duty as necessary and a hold a special election to fill the position. You do not appoint people to run things. To allow that is to open a whole new uglier can of worms and possibly more corruption. That is tyrannical governing and against our US Constitution. Of course, many things being done to our citizens are against our constitutional rights and here we sit with another cup of coffee and watching TV or scanning the internet for something banal we can blank our minds to. It’s very stressful to see all that writing on the wall.

Myfoxdetroit.com is running a story this morning about there being 32 people murdered in Detroit in the last 15 days, and counting.  This is not a city that you can afford to have overworked and underpaid police officers.  They are not the ones that broke the city budget but they are the ones that this city really needs to survive.  They don’t need many of the chiefs they have sitting around pushing pencils in so many of our Federal, state and local governmental offices.  I am not up on all the types of audits being conducted to prevent the types of financial problems so much of the country is suffering from all of a sudden.  I do know most of our problems began right after September 11th, 2001.  I do know that they coincide with President Clinton signing various trade agreements that did not work out for America’s best interest.  Did he know or care?  What was the problem that he did not realize there would be less Americans employed and with this comes less income tax, less money that they would be spending here and in turn helping other American businesses, less money withheld for social security and the snowball just keeps coming.

Police officers are very important in a world that no longer feels a need to use self-control.  In a world that feels “God is dead” so just live for today and get as high as you want so you can excuse anything you do.  Police officers are needed for the ones that never developed a conscience, don’t understand what eternity or hell is and think the “Golden Rule” is some kinda bling.  We are the hands and feet of God on this earth and we do need good men doing good works or none of us stand a chance.  The last thing a city needs to do is hobble and degrade the very people who make a positive difference in a city.  That protect and serve it.  Shame on you Mayor Bing.

Proud To Be An American

Proud to live in America.  When I was young my father wrote some kind of patriotic song that I thought was pretty corny at the time.  It was during the Vietnam war era.  “I’m going to walk across this land, shaking every, everybody’s hand.  Cause I’m proud to be an American, proud to live in America.”  Part of the chorus.  I’m an all American mutt of many nationalities with most of my family coming over from Canada in the last couple generations, so my family line has not been here all that long, other than my supposed Native American line.  In my many years in this country I have seen tremendous changes.  Unfortunately most are not for the good.   The changes in our people are disturbing.

Too many Americans have become spiritually as well as physically weak.  Most people do not know the meaning of the word discipline for themselves or for their children.  “If it feels good, do it” was one of the most lame brained and selfish sayings I have ever heard.  Does anyone in America have a deep thought anymore?  We live in an unhealthy, unrealistically fast paced society.  None of us are ever made to feel valued anymore.  We must learn to slow down and value ourselves and others before it is too late to change.  Before the “man” gets too used to using us up til there is nothing left of us mentally, spiritually or physically.  We must do this before we are too afraid to live according to the very Constitution that allows “Life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness.”  This is not just for the rich, don’t let them fool you.

I believe that most of us just go through the motions, trying to fill the great void we feel inside.  The void that we try to fill with over indulgence in food, drugs and loveless sex.  Breaking every commandment in the Book.  How strange.  How sad.  Are we really so ignorant and arrogant that we cannot bow before God and ask for anything real?  Forgiveness, strength, love.  The family has all but disappeared due to man’s lack of self-respect and self-control.  Just because big  business does not value us and we don’t have much control in most work situations is not a reason to tune out or lash out irrationally, like road rage.  It is a reason to try to change things for the better.  If you feel it’s broke, fix it, don’t run from in by getting high or trying some other way to block it out.

When young girls don’t respect themselves and don’t know their self-worth, many become unwed mothers in an attempt to have some kind of love in their lives.  They deserve love and security, but where will they find it?  Many don’t come from intact families themselves.  When young men don’t respect themselves and know their true worth, they act like fearful dogs.  Fighting and running around sniffing tail, thinking this makes them a man.  If you love and respect God you cannot help but respect yourself and others.  There can be no other way.  It is hard and takes discipline, which takes personal sacrifice.  In our attempt to be humane and accept the shortcomings of others, we have allowed them to stop trying.  We don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings and try to be so “politically correct” that we end up with their blood on our hands.  Many of us are trying so hard to pretend to tolerate behavior and lifestyles that have no place in a civilized, educated society.  No one wants to be the one to say the emperor has no clothes on.

I see so many young girls selling themselves out so cheaply in life and thinking that the most important thing in life is to shake your fanny and end up with another child that they will struggle to raise.  Different fathers and still no love or security for them or their children.  Where is God in their life?  What will our future generations ever hope to be without faith?  More drugs, promiscuity and self-defeating behavior, all media encouraged.  When I think that this is my America I feel disgusted and more than a little scared.  I realize that not everyone lives like this, but too many do.  How can we hope to have a strong country when so many just don’t get it or just don’t care?

The terrorist attacks on Tuesday, September 11, 2001 merely added to the destruction of our nation.   These acts confirm to all that pure evil really does exist.  Violence and evil go hand & hand, much like stupidity & evil.  The thing that knocks you off-center about this is the unpredictability of it all.  What do you hear news people saying after an attack of any kind?  “Why did this happen” or “How could this have been prevented?”  We have to try to immediately put some kind of reigns or control on the terror.  We pretend to ourselves that once an answer is realized, we will be able to prevent this from happening again.  As mortals we are all very vulnerable and it’s much too disturbing to admit that there are situations that are hard to predict and control.  Many Americans have been lulled into a false sense of security.  We’ve been brainwashed into wanting to hold the world’s hand and share a Coke, as long as that Coke is not over 16 ozs in some places.  We don’t want to face reality that some of the world would just as soon smash that Coke bottle over a counter top and shove the jagged glass in our guts.  We have to stop being so naive.  The main reason that we were encouraged to accept world diversity is so the rich could get richer in this country.  It is all about high finance and always has been.

Sometimes hardships and tragedies strengthen people, but too many people in this country have become spoiled, lazy and selfish.  Even those of us who are not, have lived and worked in stressed out conditions for too long.  Since our nation’s tragedy years ago, I have seen more road rage and tempers flaring.  People now have more stress then they can handle with so many feeling the pain of joblessness or downsizing.  This is now the time to be a little nicer to your brother who may be having a worse day then you.  A little kindness goes a long way.  Have patience with one another and try to understand where someone else is coming from.  They may really be suffering or they may just be the dip-stick you think they are.  Either way, shouldn’t you show a little compassion?  That could be you!

The one thing that I do know is that while evil may exist, so does good.  So does God.  But we must stop turning our backs on Him.  Trying to find another, easier way out.  If you think that we can fight evil with mere military strength, think again.  There is so much wisdom in the Bible, if only people would read it.  Faith really can move mountains.  Miracles do happen.  Man has become greedy.  They do not appreciate that every birth is a miracle and what do we do to our people?  Enslave, discard, murder, abuse and on a good day, take each other for granted.  It is always taken for granted that the sun will rise each morning to usher in another day.  That birds will sing.  That everything God has created has a place and a purpose under heaven that has gone on for many years and will continue, hopefully, in spite of man.

Man is the only one of God’s creatures that has managed to mire his existence with technology and the pollution that comes with it.  Man and his ego.  Man and his toys.  Good people forget that evil has no reason, no purpose, no motives other than for evil’s sake.  Our nation was based on “In God We Trust.”  Some trust the money it is written on more.  We must love God and ourselves and one another.  Respect everyone, whether you agree with them or not.  Help anyone that you can.  If it lifts up, it is God.  If it tears down, it is evil.  These are not hard concepts.  Quiet your spirit and God is there, He was always there.  You allowed yourself to become too busy trying to fill a void that never existed in the first place.  May God bless and keep all of the planet and deliver His people from evil.

May God especially bless all the heroes in our world that have given themselves, even their very lives, to help those that were and are in need.  Thank you for making this world a better place for your being here, however long that is or was.  I’m reminded of the words in an Emily Dickinson poem, “If I can stop one heart from breaking, I shall not live in vain.  If I can ease one life the aching, or cool one pain, or help one fainting robin, unto his nest again, I shall not live in vain.”


Whatever Does Not Kill You Makes You Stronger And More Nonsense

Yeah so looking for a job for about eight months and finally found one that lasted 3 training weeks.  I received a call at approximately 8:00pm last evening from the agency that I was working through stating that the company had decided to terminate my contract after today.  I worked until 6:30 that evening.  I was shocked and taken aback, since I am still being trained and other than being a little slower than my co-trainees and about 10 years or more their senior, I did not have any problems acclimating to my surroundings and the personalities of the two people who coached me, or so I thought.  That being said, I did need to take 1/2 day off on the previous Thursday for a very important Dr Appointment for an injury I received over the weekend.  This was something that I told them about in advance and they stated they were OK with it, but maybe not.  This also explains why my badge did not work when I came back from lunch to get back in the building.  The girl at the front desk gave me a number to call but no one was available and my manager was silent when I told her I was having trouble with my badge working.

I asked her what the reason was that I was being terminated when I had not even finished training, was following all procedures and doing quite well, I thought.  I was told that they did not have to give me a reason.  When you are terminated from a job where you got along with everyone, following procedures, etc, I told my contract agent that the only option that leaves to me is discrimination of some kind.  Either for something personal and petty or something serious such as working too slow and being too old.  I would not have minded, but now I will have to find out how this effects the emergency unemployment I was receiving that had ended.  So now, no income of any kind.  No wonder they wanted me to mail by badge and key to them.  Some people might be very hot-headed about this kind of thing.  I seriously believe everything happens for a reason, whether or not the reason is apparent for the time being.

This is an extremely busy call center and I understand that they want the fastest and best for their company, that is their prerogative who they choose to employ.  This is my second experience of being terminated.  My first time I was 19 or 20 years old, accused of spreading rumors that I had never heard of, very trumped-up total lies were used to get rid of me and some others for asking questions of why certain things were being done or not being done for some of the patients.  Nobody likes boat rockers.  Some others he fired at the same time sued for their jobs back and won, but quit soon afterwards.  In that instance, the guy that fired me was a real creep that ended up in prison for years for business fraud.  Talk about retribution!  He did some very underhanded things and was a very cruel man.  He punched out the camera man trying to film the story they were running about him!

I am intelligent and conscientious and good at whatever job I have been hired at.  Within a short time I am training new hires myself.  I told the agent, “Oh well, God’s will be done.”  What can I say in this?  I can’t defend myself, I don’t know the enemy and if they don’t have to say why they choose to let an employee go, they have the option to be as petty and unfair as they wish to be, though I am choosing to believe that I wasn’t what they needed to get the job done for that company.  I will keep trying to find a business or company that would appreciate my contribution and great work ethics.

So, needless to say, did not get much sleep last night, but hope to make up for it tonight.  I don’t drink, but last night would have been a perfect night to get loaded, lol!  This too shall pass, what ever does not kill you makes you stronger, stand a little taller and other such sayings to make me feel better and to make anyone else feel better that has walked in my shoes.

To show the goodness of God working in my life.  One of my neighbors left some plants for me to transplant in my yard by my porch when I left for work that morning and when I came home approximately 7:00 pm, I had some phone messages.  One from my sister who was thrilled and thanking me for the cute picture I had framed up for her of some of the family when they were young and another from my neighbor to come over for treats she had made with love.  I came back home from visiting with her to find the message to call my agency regarding my termination.  So God is good and cushioned the fall with loved ones helping me and caring so I know that this is God’s will for me.  It probably would have been a bad fit.

Back to School!

I remember so many things about starting a new school year. It meant I was finally going to get new shoes to replace the ones I long outgrew with the holes and sometimes cardboard placed in the soles. I would get a few pieces of clothing as needed and since I was the oldest, no hand-me-downs, even though my little sister was physically larger than myself.  Some of the clothing was hand-made by my mother or grandmother and did look homemade.  Sometimes my grandma had enough savings to take us to Federal’s Department store for a dress or two, my dad had more important things to spend his money on when he was working.  I can’t remember where we purchased our shoes.  I didn’t really care about the actual school supplies, it made me nauseated to look at them!

It meant I had to brace myself for another year of bullies and mini-aholes.  The “popular” kids with all the right clothes and all the right words.  The teachers that were supposed to be teaching me, but never saw me, or pretended not to.  I was the plain little mouse that looked out-of-place in the homemade clothes and one long braid down past my butt.  It was worse than being Amish, I was poor.  When I was very young, we were only allowed one bath a week, whether we needed it or not.  When we got to live with grandma, we were cleaner.  So dirty, poor, oddly dressed, you get the picture.

I could never concentrate on the menial subjects my teachers were always blabbing about.  You see, I found it much more compelling to wonder if there was going to be any dinner tonight.  If my ghost of a father would stumble home after we went to bed hungry and decide that we needed to be punished for being born.  My teacher would try to pry my brain away from my true life of poverty, abuse and neglect, to a world where 2 + 2 actually equalled 4.  Did I care at the time?  Hell, no!  After a good beating for no reason I would worry for days about what evils awaited me that evening.  I knew that I could be as good as gold and still not be safe.  I heard of spankings and punishments and knew, the older I got, that  bad kids were punished, not good ones.  That’s why it took me so long to believe.  To even be able to comprehend things such as a Holy Father, because mine was evil.  Forgiveness, because I had never known mercy and to give, because I had nothing to give anyone, not even myself.

I think of all the children starting their new school year without much of a chance, even with “No Child Left Behind.”  That sounds really purty and nice, but it’s bull.  It’s not realistic.  The only way you will stop children from being left behind is to educate parents properly to love and nurture and actually being able to change the human heart.  I don’t know of any way to change a person full of hate that wants to hurt or even kill their child, to an angel of mercy unless a miracle happens.  Only God can change a heart and it starts by knowing the teachings of Christ.  It starts for the parent when they stop beating themselves up for not being loved and the cognizance that they never deserved to be abused or neglected and that it didn’t feel good so why on earth would you knowingly put your own child through it?  The day you can look at yourself with the mercy an abusive parent never had, is the day you can start to change and give your own children a chance in a world that is demanding and cruel.  The day you can start to truly love yourself, you will stop trying to turn your own children against you.  Abuse and neglect is an ugly cycle that needs to be stopped and it can only be stopped by sober love.