Elvis Presley at His Best

I scanned some Movie stills I have of Elvis on the anniversary of his death 35 years ago today. I don’t consider myself a super fan or anything, but I always loved the simplicity of Elvis movies. They take me back now, but loved them when I was young. They are so simple and calming, not the mess we call movies today. Boy meets girl, girl pretends she isn’t interested, boy gets in fight or trouble of some kind, boy somehow ends up with the girl of his dreams. Works for me! Hope you enjoy these stills when he was super studly. I will be updating them if I find that there is any problems with the pixels so please return tomorrow if the pictures are not clear for any reason. Not rescanning tonight.

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Mother’s Are People Too

Since I write poetry a lot!  I feel the need to publish this one written after feeling blue because I was ignored by my adult children on my birthday.

Mom’s Are People Too!

Once I was a mom but now I am alone.
Unlike “Cat’s in the Cradle” they never telephone.
I spend my time just working, trying to fill the space
created by their exodus, I’m praying for God’s grace.
I know I can’t turn back the clock, I wouldn’t even try.
But moms are really people too, sometimes we even cry.

Po’ Girl Shines © 2012

Stash Your Chocolate!

As the years go by people are becoming more aware of the health dangers of too much sugar.  There are even movements and laws being put into effect to “save us from ourselves.”  Good thing that adults are telling other adults what to ingest because the American citizens cannot have too many bureaucratic noses up their butts!

I’m especially fond of the inane idea that a local Mayor, who must not have any other significant problems such crime in their cities, would have the audacity to tell someone what size soda they are allowed to drink.  So they cannot have a large, so will they also be prohibited from ordered two smaller sizes?  They could just start sending someone in to get their food and drink for them, and that will give our state and local governments another ability to penalize and fine the citizens and make more money for the cities to squander shamelessly.  The absolute insanity that this type of legislation would bring could not be measured.  If a large pop were the only thing ingested and a person was reasonably healthy, there is no cause for alarm.  If a person was having a large pop with an ice cream sundae that is even worse.  So what will these lovely buttinski mayors decide to do next?  Let us know if we are allowed to have a dessert after our meal?  Make us weigh in upon entering each restaurant and start turning away those considered dangerously obese, especially from the fast food places?  It is only for the good of all the people!

The minute you see anyone in any form of government control trying to do something for the people’s own good, you better run and I mean you better run towards the perpetrator to fight for your rights as an adult citizen of these United States.

If this happens they will make us all criminals and I will be willing to die for my chocolate.  Make no mistake Bloomberg, you butt will be mine if you even look in the direction of chocolate.  I am making plans on stashing it if it should ever come to this.  I will of course, prepare my own.  Once they make sugar a controlled substance, I will have to turn to the new black markets and farmers “growing their own” sugar beets and cane.

They can take my life, but they’ll never take my chocolate!