Feeling Pain

 Eating from despair today.  Everyone’s gone and I am always alone now.  It does give me time to create, so I tell myself.  Workshop being delayed and for some reason I feel very hungry for something bad for me.  I actually made a half a batch of chocolate chip cookies this morning and baked it in the toaster oven because of the summer heat.

I had managed to lose a couple of pounds and probably put them right back on again today.  Oh well, I will try again later!

They did come out great and the recipe is on pogirlshines.com under recipes.  I do use half the sugar and whole wheat flour and dark chocolate chips, so yeah, it really was a health food snack!

I have pain inside and also “drug” my middle toe yesterday morning due to my foot just did not want to walk normally.  They have been testing me for years off and on for MS, due to problems I keep having.  Muscles have been more weak, but yeah, not spasy and painful so no Tylenol today!

Took a picture of my foot that does feel better today, but looks worse!  I am not going to upload a picture, wouldn’t do that to you all!  I know it’s not broken, so I am trying to stay off it as much as possible by sewing on my aprons today for Po’ Girl Shines.  Will put a sewing video up if it turns out.  Plan to have some Aprons and other clothing on Etsy by next month.

Keep cool everyone!  I think I should have just gone up to the store for ice cream!

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