Random Acts of Violence

By now everyone has heard of the horrific shootings in Aurora Colorado.  I have not even been able to bring myself to actually watch the coverage of this.  Suffice to know that 12 precious human beings were killed and many others wounded all because a young man wanted to act out his aggression in a way that would bring him glory.  I say this after reading Gavin de Becker’s book “The Gift of Fear And Other Survival Signals That Protect Us From Violence.”  I don’t remember which section of the book is dedicated to information involving assassins, mass murderers and their mindset after their attacks, but it was documented that a number had complained if their random act of violence did not receive the same amount of news coverage than a previous assassin.  This shows a huge ego, not to mention complete detachment from reality and lack of compassion.  Apparently these kinds of mass murderers or assassins have similar personalities.    The book is very well written and manages to entertain as it covers all aspects of violence in our world from children to co-workers to partners to random acts.  It gives you information, ideas and tips to try and keep you as safe as you can be in a very cold and cruel world.

A must read for everyone because it deals with survival on a daily basis.  It is loaded with valuable information regarding the fact that we are all born with radar to distinguish crazy.  There might be a real incentive to stay sober for some of you because one of the most dangerous things a woman can do is go out drinking and hope to meet someone she actually wants to be with.  If your brain is altered, your radar will be altered too and you risk making the same mistakes that some poor women make, never to be seen alive again.  He points out that little “gut” feeling you may have about someone is usually correct.  We all have internal radar and instincts like other forms of animals do, but our society teaches us to ignore it and go against our feelings.  Kids that are bullied usually get real stomach-aches or other physical ailments before going to school because their bodies are trying to warn them not to go to a potentially dangerous place.  Our society makes them go, regardless and everyone just has to hope for the best.

This is probably why so many women that leave demon seeds end up murdered.  They can feel what this monster’s intent is, and try to leave for survival.  Not everyone who flies off the handle is capable of murder, but they could accidentally kill someone in a fit of rage.  Everyone does not leave abusive situations and most don’t turn into murder.  In my opinion, there is a lot to consider in these types of circumstances, but a woman knows if the person she once loved has no regard for her as a human being and this is the time to worry.  It is that very lack of empathy and compassion that can easily lead someone to go beyond mere assault to murder.  We are animals and are supposed to be raised in civility.  To learn manners, cause and effect and hopefully to be raised in the Word, learning to practice the Golden Rule.  This is what allows us to live in relative safety.  Knowing our fellow-man has some degree of self-control because without this, we are doomed as human beings.

It was much safer years ago when most of us were raised by the words in the Holy Bible and we were just plumb afraid to go to hell.  Now our liberal media message is there really is no God, but be nice anyway.  Not a lot of incentive to those fighting inner demons of rage and it’s not fair to them or the rest of us who may end up their victim.  Years ago you were raised to have a conscience which enabled you to fight those demon urges and this is because of the very truth Jesus taught.  You do have the power to move a mountain if you walk uprightly.  This knowledge in the truth gave so many more people the power needed to control themselves in any manner because it was written that you could move a mountain if you had enough faith.   Now many have stolen the words of Christ, debased and warped the meaning to “anyone can do anything they put their mind to” like mind over matter.  This is not what faith is.  It is the kind of things learned from motivational speakers and Scientologists all over.  If it helps people, more power to them, as Jesus told his disciples “those that are not against us are for us.”  He also stated that when the blind is leading the blind, sooner or later they will all end up in the ditch.  The problem I have always had with liberal idealism is the fact that they love the sinner and the sin.  They began teaching children years ago with well placed TV commercials that “the most important person in the whole wide world is you, and you should know it.”  I don’t know what ignorant person thought this was a good idea, but it wasn’t.  Some psychologists tried to convince parents not to give little Johnny a guilty conscience, it would only mess him up.  Now those without conscience are messing the rest of us up.

Feeling Pain

 Eating from despair today.  Everyone’s gone and I am always alone now.  It does give me time to create, so I tell myself.  Workshop being delayed and for some reason I feel very hungry for something bad for me.  I actually made a half a batch of chocolate chip cookies this morning and baked it in the toaster oven because of the summer heat.

I had managed to lose a couple of pounds and probably put them right back on again today.  Oh well, I will try again later!

They did come out great and the recipe is on pogirlshines.com under recipes.  I do use half the sugar and whole wheat flour and dark chocolate chips, so yeah, it really was a health food snack!

I have pain inside and also “drug” my middle toe yesterday morning due to my foot just did not want to walk normally.  They have been testing me for years off and on for MS, due to problems I keep having.  Muscles have been more weak, but yeah, not spasy and painful so no Tylenol today!

Took a picture of my foot that does feel better today, but looks worse!  I am not going to upload a picture, wouldn’t do that to you all!  I know it’s not broken, so I am trying to stay off it as much as possible by sewing on my aprons today for Po’ Girl Shines.  Will put a sewing video up if it turns out.  Plan to have some Aprons and other clothing on Etsy by next month.

Keep cool everyone!  I think I should have just gone up to the store for ice cream!

Will Work 4 God’s People

I have been looking for work for about six months now and I had almost forgotten how obnoxious, unfair or just plain ridiculous some people and corporations can be.

I have been trying to take references regarding working “well” under pressure in stride.  “Working with a sense of urgency”, was part of NBD, NA Bank’s mission statement and after seeing one of my co-workers die of a heart attack at work, it just didn’t sit well with me.  I understand the idea of why people go into any business.  To make money and for most of us, the more the better.  When I began working for NBD, the man in human resources told some of us that we were now doing jobs that used to be done by three people.  We waited on customers, had quotas to sell their bank products such as charge cards, mortgages and other loan products that actually make the money for banks, but put some customers under too much debt load.  Then there were the referrals that we required to come up with regularly for investment products in which our prime target market were the retired folks with all their hard-earned money just sitting there, when it could be played with and risked by the bank to where the investor could lose everything, including the principal.  I guarantee, if there were not governmental disclosure rules, nobody would be warned of that fact.  Needless to say, I did not make these kinds of referrals and if I did because someone actually qualified and could benefit from the service, I made sure they knew the important drawbacks of investing.  We also balanced the ATM, the branch statement, our tills and opened a myriad of accounts.  Granted, no businesses should have anyone just sitting or standing around getting a paycheck.  That’s what CEO’s are for.

I have applied to furniture stores and been informed that I would be working for them in their store, for the hours and days they assign me, but that I was really an independent contractor because it was strictly commission.  I have a completely different definition of independence and contract, but that’s just me.  Everyone puts their spin on things to their own benefit.  Some furniture stores have strict rules on who can wait on what customer and the independent contractors must wait their turn.  If you didn’t make a sale on the last customer, you go to the end of the line and miss your next turn for a customer, which is complete nonsense.  If you missed a sale you need another customer and sale even faster.  This rule works for the store because they are trying to sell their products and would much rather have Mr or Mrs High-pressure get that next customer because there is a better chance of a sale.  I get it, the company is in it for themselves, they need to survive in a very competitive world.  Move on unless you really know you are up to that kind of challenge.

There are the timed tests, the mind numbing questions that I am really getting too old for.  Where do you see yourself in five-years?  Retired, seriously.  Most of the questions they ask potential candidates in interviews are designed for people just out of high school or maybe college.  They insult the intelligence and when I was young and innocent, I was so impressed by these same questions that now make me want to roll my eyes and run out the door.  Am I the one with the problem?  I used to think so, but I know it is not me.  It is not my fault that I have grown older, more cynical and disgusted with a society filled with companies that pretty much run the same and don’t think there is anything wrong with their cookie-cutter approach to hiring a potential employee.  There are so many more important things I could tell them about myself, things they really need to know.  Not to mention that the most important thing a company should do is a background check.  Not just for them, but for the safety of the other employees.  Falling back on some tired line of questions just to see the candidate’s response is not even rational.  “What can you tell me about a time that you saved the day for a customer?”  “If you could be any kind of butterfly, which kind would it be and what color and how much?”

The clincher came when I was applying for a merchandising job and they made it clear that you may be expected to drive to as many as ten stores in the span of eight hours and they did not reimburse for mileage and would this be a problem?  How would I know?  I don’t know what the route is or the mileage involved so I basically lied and stated that it would not be a problem.  I don’t know the rate of pay and what that actual pay would come to once you take vehicle expense, gas and the time it takes to drive to your stores into consideration.  As I stated, everyone wants to make money, but let’s be fair about it, especially when it comes to large corporations where the executives are making very large salaries to oversee taking advantage of those doing the actual work for the company.

Things Are Not What They Appear

There are a lot of practicing criminals today.  I became aware of this during my years working for the Internal Revenue Service in enforcement and worked with so many individuals that had been scammed by various so-called professionals.  From the employees some had hired and trusted including their tax preparers, to the so-called tax attorneys that claimed they would resolve their IRS problems after they receive a very large fee, only to find out that their representative never called or resolved anything on their behalf.  This is why so many Tax Resolution commercials state a specific dollar amount of over $10,000 in arrears.  This way their fee, usually $2,000 or more, will not appear so steep as it would if you only owed a few thousand dollars.  There are many sports figures, politicians, CEO’s, perhaps your spouse and the list goes on and on, that have no reservations about committing crimes or doing things that are stupid, cruel or downright unethical, as long as they think they won’t get caught.

I have to say that I am deeply angry and disgusted with the ethics of most people.  Our society is reflecting a complete lack of a belief in God and the possibility of being damned to hell as most of us were taught years ago.  I think being raised in the Word was a good thing in many ways.  There are statistics showing that real Christians, not hypocrites that just go to church to put on a show and try to fool their neighbors and God, have very good ethics, are generous, honest and truly love one another.  Without this deep belief in Christ who died for our sins and the appreciation that goes with this knowledge, we are doomed as a people.  This is why it is written that Jesus was the Saviour of the world.  If everyone really loved Him and were grateful for His sacrifice, they could not do the things that they do to one another.  Jesus said if you love Him you will keep his commandment of loving one another and this includes your enemies.  If loving others came naturally or was easy, it would not have to be a commandment.  Jesus said “Whatever you do to the least of my brothers, you do to me.”  How many of the ignorant have hurt and even killed a homeless person?  How many TV producers make cruel jokes of those less fortunate everyday, and bring on the canned laughter?!  How many big businesses would not work their employees literally to death if they could get away with it?

I am amazed at the very simple and self-evident truth about how you treat others.  However you treat another, is what you think of yourself.  I don’t mean the phony kissing up to the boss and saying all the right things.  Everyone knows people like this.  They act one way in front of the door and behind that closed-door, when they think God ain’t watchin’, they act completely different.  Worry if you secretly hate others and try to get something for nothing, taking advantage of your brother, no matter what their station in life.  This is what you think of yourself.  This is how much you actually dislike, disrespect or maybe even hate your very existence.

People that are full of true love, really are different from those that don’t know how to love.  They have a true sense of purpose in everything that they do, no matter how menial it may seem to some.  They have an honesty and consideration that goes above just doing what they have to for the needed result.  They enjoy everything they do no matter how small.  These are people who don’t want the world and don’t make waves.  They are content to be.  These are the people who you see only occasionally that usually have a smile and look you in the eye with concern when you happen into their life.  They are not to be confused with the phonies, the insincere with the plastic smile on their lips, but not in their eyes.  This is the very reason that most relationships don’t work.  There are too many unrealistic expectations from others, yet they know they are unable or unwilling to come across with the same desired quality they are wanting from another.  This leads to a malcontent with anger issues.  The fact of anyone expecting or insisting on something from others is not reasonable and it is unkind.  In all probability the need is being met, but the selfish human mind doesn’t get it, doesn’t see it that way.

The grateful heart is one that does not expect things and does not get angry and irritated and try to get back at others by scamming and pulling stunts on others to feel superior and pretend to be the winner for a few minutes.   I think if more people loved the Lord and had a grateful heart, they would be loving themselves and seeing what they can do help others, not have urges to betray, take things that aren’t theirs and be less than they should be while they are here.

Greenbeans in The Rain

Something inside my brain snapped when I saw my snap beans sitting outside in a bucket open to the rain.  I had just picked these green beans with my own two hands not quite a week ago, placed them lovingly into a ziplock bag and brought it to the local business that was supposed to have been representing Forgotten Harvest, a group in Metro-Detroit that was organized in 1990, ironically enough to combat hunger and waste.  It was not the first time that I had brought a donation from my own organic garden, but it was the first time that I happened to notice an impropriety in the way this local business was handling these donations of produce from the neighboring gardens.

I happened to stop by on a rainy day and noticed the donation bin, located outside, was left open to the elements.  I walked over to close it and found that my bag of snap beans, along with a few other bags of produce, were just laying there in the rain-soaked bottom.  I felt a flash of anger immediately, knowing that my produce was days old and should have been picked up immediately for distribution while it was still fresh or at the very least kept in a cool area and out of the 90° temperatures that we had been having.  The fact that this company agreed to take these collections means that Forgotten Harvest should have had a daily pick-up schedule as long as there were donations to pick-up.  This obviously did not happen.  I thought about this wasted food that I could have blanched and frozen for a later meal that I would have appreciated and just how plainly under-appreciated my donation actually was.

I was in a dilemma for the reason that I have a temper at times and was very angry and disgusted at this point, due to there was absolutely no excuse for this to have happened.  There were official signs up with the business that this was a drop off for local garden produce to Forgotten Harvest.  Ironic that my harvest was truly forgotten.  I knew there could be various scenarios for this slight.  The people responsible for Forgotten Harvest may not have been advised that there was produce to pick-up or someone there did not pick-up as required.  The people employed or in charge of that local business may not have cared or been diligent about contacting the organization to pick up this produce.  Most people know that fresh produce cannot be left out in heat like that.  Apparently no one working for the company, which I purposefully do not plan on naming, knew what they were doing or cared for the fact that the bin, that should have been closed at all times unless someone was putting something into it, was left wide open not only to the elements but to any animals that happened by to dine.  I chose not to say anything that day, and I closed the lid.  I knew I would go off on whoever I spoke to because all I would receive would be lame excuses for the reason it happened and what would it gain in the end?  Maybe if I had spoken up in a professional manner, they would have been more diligent in the future, but we will never know.

This blatant disregard has forever colored the way I give to charities.  Most of the time I now give to someone I personally know that needs something and I know they will get it in their hot little hands.  I don’t want to see my hard-earned money or any of the few things I do own, go to someone who has no intention of getting it to where it belongs or does not care what happens to it.  I have known for years that all non-profits pay salaries to the people who own it or work for it, unless they are doing strictly volunteer work.  I do know that most things, like people, are not what they appear, unfortunately.  I do know that only a small percentage of any donations need to actually go to the cause it is collected for legally.  Some charities are very charitable, others are not.  I have learned the hard way that just because you appreciate and care about something, does not mean that others feel the same, even those who claim to represent said causes.