Musings or Rants?

I believe the difference between musings and rants are in the eyes and minds of the beholders.  One woman’s musing is another man’s rant or vice versa.

Most people would not describe ideas brought forth from Rush Limbaugh to be musings, but more likely to be labeled rants.  Why?  Because most of the media that describes him are liberals that are in direct opposition to his way of thinking.  If you agree with someone they are musing about subjects and incidents, if you oppose their ideology, even if they are correct or make sense, they are ranting.  This is the way others try to control the way people are seen and incidents are described.  It is called biased reporting and it is done everyday.  You will never hear just plain facts, nor complete information on Network news, or on the so-called conservative news stations as well.  Everyone has their own agendas and beliefs and most don’t quit til they think everyone is on their side.  The right side.

Journalism is supposed to be much like the justice system.  Blind to that which brings bias to the truth, yet most do not follow through with this kind of idealism, even when they started out this way.  There are too many people who have been in control for so long that they will not allow anyone to usurp their power with such nonsense as truth or fairness.

There is also much too much information being thrown at us everyday from so-called experts.  Most of it is very incidental, mind-numbing and obtuse at best.  Most of us know what we need to know from cause and effect as we were growing up.  Do this and that happens, don’t do this and then you get that, so to double-speak.  Most of life is common sense and doing the right thing.  Everything else is propaganda!